My recent holidays in Pelion (in Greece)

I first went there much younger with family over the New Year period. Athenians love going to Pelion around the Christmas holidays because it is always with snow, there is a ski resort, plenty of lovely villages to visit, great hearty food and lovely nature. Since then I thought how lovely it would be to go there and see it green, in summer time, and enjoy its beaches.

So my second time many years later, I had then moved to the UK and married and showed this place to my husband who was persuaded it would be ideal even though it was not an island. You rarely see anything about this area in travel brochures and it does not have big hotels etc. But it has wonderful boutique B&B’s in restored 18th-19th century stone houses scattered all around this peninsula. And we went in July, hired a villa…my husband wants to go there ever since. Though 3 times in 9 years is possibly too many, so we will definitely be visiting some other lovely parts of Greece next time.

Here are some of the photos we have taken over the years…