The Big Blue

one of my most loved works of J.M.Jarre!

Drafting Dreams

Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all. ~ Ernest Shackleton

The Big Blue

There it was, indomitable yet uncomplicated as always. Ernst knew that the big blue was no joke. However, it never captured his attention. It was not like the lonely paths of the Sahara, it was not like the woods of Baden-Baden, not even like the freezing alternate Siberian world, it was something else. Interesting as it was, the ocean was different. His parents cared him a lot, his dad gave a big shine on him by naming after his beloved hero, the one who went after the sea. Contradictory, perhaps, though Ernst did not care about his name heritage.

One day to the beach he went, and started thinking: “Should I embark myself into this trip?, Is this enterprise going to be as the other paths I have crossed road? Can I take the challenge?” The ocean did respond……

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